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The Madness Box

2007-10-20 21:39:13 by Kingpanda

So,since my last(not-so)sucess,The Madness Box,i guess i need to make a,lol,NEWS POST!
Ok,so The Madness Box it's the random story about two guys that got VALVe's The Orange Box,and then they fall into a world of challenges,to get back they objects,to get pie(no really,lol),and other things!
Go check by yourself!
If i am going to make a third one?
Really,i don't know,i am already with another project!:D


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2007-11-30 21:17:00

c mon create the metsl slug scene creator v.3 please

p.s.= the v.2 are the best

Kingpanda responds:

v3 why? damn better i grab v.2 and actualizate before flying cookies come attack me =O
They are coming from the portals,OMFG Companion Cubes,i am making it as soon as i kill the companion cubes bye :3