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Entry #4

Yes,there is hope...

2008-02-10 19:16:22 by Kingpanda

not yet,maybe not yet



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2008-02-10 20:54:06

Why not make music? 2/how-to-make-loops-for-free

Kingpanda responds:

Interesting,maybe i will use this to make musics for my flashes later! :)


2008-04-19 21:12:17

OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!! i told everone (by composing thingy) to stop with the frames now you QUIT ***PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW**** !@#$% people

Kingpanda responds:

the lol :D


2008-05-19 01:45:47

plz come back PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM A FAN OF U AND YOUR SENCE CREATORS AND OTHER STUFF!!!!!!!!!!


2009-02-18 13:18:47

when are you going to make anthor metal slug scene crator


2009-09-02 18:02:03

Hey don't gey yourself down, you have alot of talent with sprites and minipulating them. Do it for the people of Newgrounds and make more masterpieces!


2010-04-25 10:39:26

hey why not make the sprites have a flip button to left and right?
and also a frame by frame button u know? a button that plays them frame by frame? with a stop button?
if u can do this on your next update i would love it but i already left a comment so
its ok if u cant make it its ok ill still play this.


2013-07-17 23:42:00

We are all waiting for you glorious return.You had talent and yet it was abandon - When will you return to reclaim your throne ?