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Yes,there is hope...

2008-02-10 19:16:22 by Kingpanda

not yet,maybe not yet


Tip of New "Engine"!

2008-02-10 16:29:24 by Kingpanda

You think i died or disappeared forever from Newgrounds since i made the Madness Box 2 or Emot Story?

No,i am no spammer!
I do what i can,if it gets blammed,i try again!

But this time i will do what no one ever think iut would be possible,my new "engine",you could say,cause the only thing i saw that could be that,was a lie!

I come back with a simple,yet going to be better engine!
I present you a tip!
Have you guessed yet? =3

Tip of New "Engine"!

The Madness Box

2007-10-20 21:39:13 by Kingpanda

So,since my last(not-so)sucess,The Madness Box,i guess i need to make a,lol,NEWS POST!
Ok,so The Madness Box it's the random story about two guys that got VALVe's The Orange Box,and then they fall into a world of challenges,to get back they objects,to get pie(no really,lol),and other things!
Go check by yourself!
If i am going to make a third one?
Really,i don't know,i am already with another project!:D

Emot Story

2007-09-18 18:24:51 by Kingpanda

Since i make a thing that I MYSELF liked,and it's not a scene creator,i guess i have to mark this moment with a NEWS POST!:D
I make Emot Story and posted,most people liked Emot Story,because of the Randomness(lol)and because the jokes were funny!:D
So,i guess Emot Story still remains unknow by many flashers in Newgrounds,so i will dedicate the rest of the page for unknow flashs that are very good!

That Halo Thing

Yes,just that!xD
But it's truth that there are many other good unknow movies,and i will search and fight for then!YAY!
Cookie Time!:3